Poetry Recommendations (1/∞)

So, I transferred this post from my Patreon as I want to continue this blog series and get people reading more poetry! Without further ado, here are 5 random poetry recommendations in no particular order!

  • No Matter The Wreckage by Sarah Kay
    • debut poetry collection by spoken word artist
    • some of the most beautiful and astounding poetry that I’ve ever read
    • a mixture of joy, heartbreak, determination, and grief
  • Nothing is Okay by Rachel Wiley – read my review here
    • pro-LGBT and feminist poetry collection by spoken word artist
    • talks about fat bodies and how to celebrate ourselves! I was in love!
    • writing style is so validating and honest, it’s a like a big hug and a “hell yeah!”
  • A Wolf in Mask by M. F. Yasmin
    • amazing self-published poetry collection with supernatural vibes
    • haunting prose and poetry with beautiful photography inside
    • will certainly stay with you long after reading
  • Semicolon by McKayla DeBonis
    • moving self-published indie poetry collection about mental illness
    • had me crying hard during and after reading
    • beautifully structured so you feel uplifted at the end of reading
Found something new to read? Have you read any of these before? Can you rec me some new poetry? Let me know your bookish thoughts below!

Until next time, be brave & bookish!



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