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My Top Reads of 2018 (2/3)

Here’s the second part of my top reads of 2018! In no particular order…

  • Zig Zag Girl by Brenna Twohy –  one of my favourite poetry collections ever, it discusses grief in so many ways and the journey to overcome grief.

  • The Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo – an incredible young adult fantasy trilogy about a young woman who discovers that she is a powerful Grisha, but it comes at a massive price.
  • Exit Wounds by Danielle Paige – one of my favourite indie poetry reads this year; the collection is about healing after a harmful relationship.
  • Helium by Rudy Francisco – a standout debut poetry collection, that should have won the Goodreads Choice Awards by the way, that discusses race, heartbreak, gender, and how we can rise above and change.
  • Cavity by Caitlin Conlon – possibly my favourite poetry collection ever; a debut poetry collection about the aches one experiences after a break-up.
  • Cherry Pulp by Angelea Lowes – an awesome poetry collection that charts the journey of a relationship from its sweet beginning to its bitter end.

Hope you found something interesting to read! Read the first part here! 

Stay tuned for part 3 of my top reads of 2018!

Until next time, be brave & bookish!


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